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Secret Lithuanian Jewish Ancestry

I’m from Honduras Catholic by birth and I recently discovered my great-grandpa was a Litvak who fled his home country of Lithuania during WWII. Since my grandma was born outside his marriage we never had any contact with the great-grandpa in question. After taking 23AndMe and confirming 14% Ashkenazi Heritage with 23andme verifying my great grandpa being 100% Ashkenazi, I moved on to contacting DNA relatives and confirming his identity. Now with this new found information, I’m not sure how to feel about everything. I’ve been learning as much as I can about Judaism, Ashkenazi Jewry, the Torah, Litvaks, and family origins. I’m sad and angry the more I read about Vilnius and the community being reduced to 10%-5%. But I would like to know what are peoples experiences growing up knowing of your Litvak heritage? What are my next steps? How do I educate myself more?

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