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Saturdays and Retail Jobs

Hey, hope it’s ok that I’m jumping in here. I just had a question for people who work retail jobs and/or jobs that may require flexible scheduling (nights/weekends) and also strictly observe Sabbath laws.

Has anyone ever run into issues with an employer over not working Friday nights or Saturdays? This can range from having to constantly remind your employer that you are not available to having to endure questions about your exact schedule in hopes that you do have time not occupied by synagogue services.

Has anyone ever been denied a job because you can’t work those days/times?

Please excuse any misused words or any misconceptions. I am actually not Jewish, but I do notice that I’ve been rejected from jobs because I do not work Sundays (for religious reasons). [It’s been confirmed by multiple potential employers, so I am not just projecting or imagining things]. I’m just wondering if this is just a Sunday/Christian thing or if this is an issue for anyone who needs religious accommodations for work schedules in retail jobs.

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