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Remember the heroes

Lori Kaye, 60. “The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that…the woman killed in the shooting at a Poway, California, synagogue was Lori Kaye…witnesses said she jumped in front of the synagogue’s founding rabbi, Yisroel Goldstein, who was wounded in the index fingers on both hands.”


Almog Pertz, 34. “He grabbed all the kids in his hands and was just running towards the exit (when) he saw another kid over there,” Almog told the news station. “He grabbed him and started running and (that’s when) the shooter shot him in the leg. He didn’t care. He kept on running with the kids and just ran out.”


Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein. After getting shot, “He continued his speech,” Minoo Anvari, a congregant whose husband was inside the synagogue, told CNN. “We are strong. We are united. They can’t break us.”


It’s not confirmed, but “According to Sheriff William D. Gore, the assault weapon might have malfunctioned after the gunman fired inside the Chabad of Poway, preventing a more extensive tragedy.”

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