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Recommend a Rosh Hashana Synagogue Please!

Hello— I’m a ‘lapsed’ unaffiliated Reform Jew (is ‘lapsed’ even the right word?). Recently I decided I want to explore Judaism more and I’m honestly ashamed I don’t even know much about my own religion. (This is tangential but because of various friendships/relationships I’ve gone to more church services and events than I have synagogue ones even though I’m 100% Jewish…) 🙁

Rosh Hashana is approaching too fast. I’m unaffiliated with a synagogue and I’ve heard that high holiday services are expensive and often require tickets. Money is kind of tight and this is very unplanned so I’m trying to not spend more than $50 absolute max per person (for 2 people),

So my question is: can you recommend a good Reform Synagogue (or even Reconstructionist, Renewal or Conservative) that would possibly take me at the last minute for the holiday services?

Is it too late to arrange for attending Rosh Hashana services? I live on Long Island but would appreciate synagogue recommendations either for NYC or Long Island (I was planning on going into NYC to eat at a fun restaurant anyway to “celebrate” so NYC would actually be convenient…and I suspect there are more choices there anyway.

I know beggars can’t be choosers but I’m hoping to find a synagogue that will help explore the deeper symbolic and metaphorical meanings of the holidays and relate them to modern life. Something I want to try to avoid is mechanical adherence to prayers with an omission of that explanation and exploration of deeper meaning, life protips and engagement with history and culture. I think that that was what led me to stop going to my childhood synagogue… The type of engagement I’m referring to I really think is lacking in my life and I’d be so happy if I could find it in a synagogue before 5780.

I know it is shabbat but I’ll have to plan this right now…so any replies would be appreciated! Sorry for the long winded question but thank you for reading if you got this far!

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