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Rabbi podcasts

Hi. Im not Jewish but I have become interested in the Jewish interpretation of the Torah. The reason for this is because Ive been reading a book, Maps of Meaning, by Jordan Peterson. This book examines ancient “myths” (the word myth here is not pejorative and instead indicates that the story contains truth that is independent of the exact characters and events). As a “fact checking” exercise I would like to understand a traditional Jewish interpretation of some parts of Genesis.

I am looking for audio and podcasts because I find that easier to engage with.

I started listening to “Torah means teacher” by Nahum Roman Footnik. I thought it was good. But when I checked his credentials, I see he is not a Rabbi.

Because the purpose of my exercise is fact checking, I would like to find a credentialed, mainstream Jewish authority to listen to.

Can you please recommend a source for me?

Thanks in advance.

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