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Questions from a curious non-religious Gentile

  1. Do Jews feel pride that Judaism birthed the 2 most popular religions, Christianity and Islam?

  2. How do Jews view Christianity and Islam? (e.g. THEY’RE WRONG! / THEY’RE RIPOFFS!)

  3. How do Jews feel about many people following Christianity and Islam instead of their Judaism?

  4. What are your thoughts on Jesus and Muhammad?

  5. Exactly what are Hasidic Jews and what do other Jews think of them? (e.g. are they like Puritan Jews? very, very religious?)

  6. How do would you pronounce YHVH?

  7. Do you normally say YHVH, God, Adonai, or what?

  8. How do you pronounce YHVH?

  9. What do you think of the pronunciation Jehovah?

  10. Do you normally write G*d instead?

  11. If you know the video game series (mainline) Shin Megami Tensei, what do you think of its YHVH portrayal?

  12. (leaving blank)

  13. How do Jews feel about the Roman Empire? (IIRC, this is why Jews originally left their homeland?)

  14. Why don’t Jews convert “to save others” like how Christians do?

Yea I know that’s lots of questions, thanks for answering!

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