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Questions for Jewish people?

Hi to all!

This is a question to all the people who are religiously and ethically Jewish and practice Judaism. It is something that have puzzled me for a very long time and l would like your perspective and opinion on the matter, thank you all.

Before l ask the question, l want to say that l like Jewish people and l find the rising antisemitism disgusting, so my condolences for all those who have had experienced such a thing and l’m a Muslim, so nothing but a respect and love towards Judaism and Jewish people.

Now, my question is a religious one: so, l understand the reasons why Jewish people oppose Jesus Christ of Christianity, as he is turned into another god or made equal to God in divine-hood, which is against the teaching of Judaism and Mosaic laws, l understand, so my question is, what are your view on Jesus Christ of Islam?

Like Islamic view of Jesus, is that he is one of the Jewish prophets, who never claimed to be divine, son of God or anything besides human and he preached to his people, the Jews to worship the same God that Moses did, so my question is Is Islamic view of Jesus compatible with Judaism because he is compatible with Islamic teachings of God, so a fellow monotheist religion, would Jesus of Islam fit the long arch of Jewish prophets in Torah?

Note: You don’t have to believe in Islamic view of Jesus, just would he be compatible with Judaism, that is my question, thank you all in advance

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