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Questions about Conservative Halakha

Hi everyone! I have a few questions about Conservative halakha as determined by the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards:

  1. How does the CJLS mandate that kashrut must be observed? Are Conservative Jews required to toivel utensils/dishes? Does Conservative halakha allow Conservative Jews to eat out at non-kosher restaurants? I’ve seen several (Conservative) Jews argue that eating milchigs out is permitted, but I’m not sure if this argument is halachically grounded.
  2. Does the CJLS hold that Conservative Jews must observe Taharat Hamishpacha?
  3. What is the CJLS’s stance on shomer negiah?
  4. What is the Conservative movement’s rationale for halachically sanctioning egalitarianism? I’m particularly interested in learning more about the reasoning the CJLS used in ruling that women can lein and serve as cantors.
  5. Also, one last question related to the Conservative movement that has nothing to do with Conservative halakha. Is there anyone on this sub affiliated with the UTJ or who considers themselves a traditional Conservative Jew? I’m interested in converting and I want to abide by halacha, but I also want an environment that’s more welcoming of LGBTQ people than Orthodoxy.

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