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Question regarding cremation and resurrection.

I was recently researching the topic of cremation and how various religions viewed it when I came across this article. This following passage confused me:

“Cremation is an implied statement of rejection of the concept of resurrection. It is in effect a declaration that once the soul has departed the body, the lifeless body has served its purpose and now has no further value. Our Sages teach that those who deny the notion of the resurrection will not merit to be resurrected within their own bodies, rather their souls will be enclothed in different bodies when that awaited day arrives. Based on this idea, many authorities conclude that a person who opts for cremation is subject to this consequence as well.”

I am particularly confused about the part that I made bold. Are they saying that those of Jewish faith who willingly choose to be cremated will receive an entirely different looking body when resurrected, making them completely change their physical appearance (both face and body) in the afterlife and therefore be unrecognizable? I just need some clarification as I am very confused about this.

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