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Question from an outsider – is the Tanakh interpretable without the Talmud?

Hello, /r/Judaism, I’m mostly wondering if there are any groups within Judaism that emphasize the Talmud as being completely necessary to understanding the Tanakh, or, if that’s the norm, the opposite – a group which, like Christian Protestants or certain Muslim groups with their respective primary holy books, emphasizes the primacy of personal understanding of the Tanakh above a collective traditionalist understanding. This question popped into my head because of the recent blockchain-Talmud and group-study-Talmud comparisons, which seems like an excellent scholarship and study model applicable to all situations and subjects. As a student of many religions with a large gap in my knowledge where the Talmud is concerned, should I, as an outsider, worry about reading it for a better picture of the lessons of the Tanakh?

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