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Question: Do religious Jewish people ever use more obscure Biblical names?

Hey folks. I’m an Orthodox Christian so forgive my ignorance, I’ve been studying the Ancient Israelites for a while now and something I’ve found is that a lot of the Hebrew names found throughout the Torah are not ones I’ve ever heard in modern use, not by Christians and not by Jewish people, even Israelis, who I’d have thought would be the most inclined to use them.

My question is whether I’m mistaken in thinking these names are antiquated.

Of course, I’m aware that names such as Saul/Šā’ul, Solomon/Šlomoh, Samuel/Šmuel are still used, but I’m referring more to names such as Yehō’aḥaz, Yōṯam, ‘Uzzîyāhū etc.

Does anyone have any insight into this? I’d like to hear from you folks since you grew up or are more familiar with the Jewish communities than I am. Thanks for any insight you can give 🙂

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