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Question about writing WWII fiction and/or creating a fictional Nazi antagonist?? Is this in poor taste?

Okay, so, I started feeling slightly weird about this but I had literally no clue where to ask someone about it. So I ended up just going to the most direct place I could think of, r/judaism.

Anyways, long series of contextual events aside, a couple of my friends have been talking about making a mockumentary-ish type thing. Essentially, the idea is that the main character would be documenting his investigation into a seemingly strange person in town. Essentially it would be revealed that the strange person is not, in fact, a normal teen, but is instead an impossibly youthful nazi scientist who had escaped to the U.S. at some point.

The tone would start as a sort of Disney Channel investigation movie, with a group of teens looking into some mystery. It’d be kinda comedic, but as it gets towards the end it would quickly change tone into very serious horror, basically.

This is all just sorta early concept work for the story, but I figured I’d give all the details I felt were relevent, so y’all can judge the piece.

So as they’re talking about this, I’m thinking about writing a proper backstory on the whole thing. I was raised with a lot of war documentaries so I know a decent amount about WWII and I wanna try my best to get some decent backbone behind this. It’d create a better connection to the real world, and just worldbuilding is good for stories.

God this is getting long, sorry.

Anyways, so as we keep discussing this, I’m thinking about the character’s background. Maybe something of a Mengele type figure, cause we want it to become a horror thing. Maybe he was brought in by Operation Paperclip, and escaped.

So this is where I get thinking, mayyybe this could be in slightly poor taste? I don’t know, I just began to worry about that. So basically, is it in poor taste to fabricate an escaped nazi scientist for our disney tone-turned horror mockumentary?

I’m sorry this is such a mess, it’s late, I’m just concerned about putting all the effort into this and then it offending people. If you want more info or any clarification, I’m happy to provide, I just needed to get this written before bed.

This could be a dumb question on either end of the spectrum, but I’d rather ask it just in case. I’m not trying to be overly PC so much as my anxiety just makes it so I don’t want anyone to feel bad.


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