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Question About Mainline Jewish Perception of Messianic Judaism?

I had previously been under the impression that messianic Judaism was widely regarded within the Jewish community as sort of rebranded Christianity (this is mentioned on the list of Jewish denominations linked in the about), but I was recently watching a show (Shtisel) about a Haredi community, and in one of the episodes the main characters visit some estranged family members who are messianic (IIRC they’re referred to as Lubavitchers), and while they seem to look down upon those relatives with disdain, they (the Haredi family) still seem to consider them (the messianic family) Jewish. Are messianic sects who carry on with Jewish cultural traditions/most traditional Jewish beliefs still viewed as Jewish, or are they considered Christian because they believe in a messiah, albeit a different one than most Christians? Or is it just messianic Jews who hold Christian beliefs (namely Jesus as the messiah) but practice a limited amount of Jewish traditions and as such consider themselves Jewish who aren’t considered Jewish? Or is there some other nuance I’m missing?

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