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Question about Kitniyot

Hi, we’re almost done with pessa’h and this year I’ve really been thinking and questioning myself about the customs during pessa’h. Just to specify, I’m a European ashkenazi and I grew up avoiding kitniyot but I can’t find any satisfying answer regarding rice. We put rice in this category just because it kind of looks like other grains that are forbidden? For other grains that are native to Europe or the Middle East, I get it, but rice comes from Asia, it surely took a while for it to reach jewish people.
All in all, the only answer I’m able to find online is it’s tradition because it kind of looks like other forbidden grains. I don’t have a problem with the traditional element but justifying by the similar aspect is kind of weak in my opinion. I’d like to know if there’s a more solid reason behind this, specifically regarding rice.
Yes I’m insisting on a detail but pessa’h is a time to ask questions isn’t it?
חג שמח

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