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question about eating vegan when there are little to no kosher options around

at the very moment i live in an area with many religious jews and lots of kosher food options. but i’m going to move soon to another end of the city where there are very few religious jews and very few jews period. there are no kosher restaurants at all but there are occasional kosher items at grocery stores. there is also a huge amount of restaurants that are strictly vegan.

i’m wondering if it would be permissible to eat regularly at strictly vegan restaurants seeing as there are no certified kosher restaurants around. i don’t like to cook and i’m used to eating prepared/take-out a lot so this seems like one of my only options other than bringing kosher food from the other end of the city or making do with what i can find at a grocery store – which may not be much.

i’m fully aware being strictly vegan doesn’t necessarily mean kosher because of potential for bugs, equipment not being koshered and potentially coming in to contact with non-kosher ingredients, the stove being turned on by a non-jew, no pas yashon or pas yisrael. but i think it’s the closest you can get. i also happen to find a lot of the vegan prepared/take-out food very healthy and it usually makes me feel a lot better. a lot of the kosher prepared/take-out food available i find to be not terribly healthy at all.

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