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What’s up with people saying “Pshhhh” when expressing praise for someone’s contribution? Where did this come from, and when?

I had my bar mitzvah in the late 90’s at a big Conservative synagogue in South Florida, and I had never heard that there. A decade later, I started going to shul again at a campus Hillel (still a Conservative minyan) in New England, and people were using it. I actually thought it was just a tradition of that particular minyan, and while I’ve encountered it in more congregations around here, these congregations have generally featured alums from that college Hillel, so I figured it was spreading or perhaps it went the other way to the Hillel. But then, this week, I was reading through the comments on a YouTube video of a medley of Jewish songs to try to identify some of them, and someone had commented “פשש”. So, is this an Israeli thing that someone brought back to young congregations in the US? An Orthodox thing that got appropriated by conservadox minyanim? Does this practice have a commonly-used name?

Just wondering. חודש טוב!

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