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Prediction of Antisemitism in the United States

Honestly, I feel it’s only a matter of time here in the US.

This is one way it could happen, which I believe to be probable given the things that have happened within the past 10 years and what’s currently happening politically.

  • It starts with gun control (whether you agree with the premise of how/why gun control is justified or not, it’s happening now regardless–red flags (ERPO); bans on mag capacity, guns, ammo; restrictions on the right to not only bear, but keep arms; etc).

  • Regardless of the intentions for controlling guns (be it with public safety in mind or actual tyrannical intent), it will give way to other civil liberties being violated with the dangerous precedent from which the taking of the guns set. This is already being done from the slippery slope of the Patriot Act, to out-and-out disregard for due process, and unlawful search and seizure.

  • Then comes social outrage once people realize a red line has been crossed. They will be dissatisfied with their sudden lack of freedom (or what they think was sudden). However, at that point it will be too late and the government, even if not intentionally tyrannical before will now become tyrannical in efforts to maintain power.

  • The People now being powerless against the government will turn towards actions that they feel they can control, and that will be against Jews because they are a people that can be blamed.

And Jews won’t have any way to protect themselves or their communities against the pogroms, and the government won’t stop them.

Other ways things can go down could be government sanctioned racial oppression such as how it was done in Nazi Germany or with Communism, but that’s not how I see it going down given current events and politics–but those ways shouldn’t be disregarded as impossible.

No one political party or person is to blame however, as it takes two to tango; except for Jews who don’t see the value in preserving what little right they have left under the constitution to keep and bear arms. Which is the sad truth for many American Jews who have strayed from their Jewish values in favor of trying to fit in to a society that is far from the morals of Judaism and Jewish self preservation.

I’m not looking for an argument on any of this if you’re offended by anything said (the only thing I foresee being taken the wrong way is the last statements) but, I’m willing to discuss or have my mind pleasantly changed as this isn’t something I want to happen.

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