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Predator in r/Judaism

There was a post by a user going by njrocks1 (who has since been banned and deleted). This person raised a yellow flag, but made a post about looking for frum women to talk to. We allowed the post here, but kept an eye on it. Not only did several trusting and nice users open themselves up to a stranger, but so did mods, and my wife. Very quickly the mod team got reports of being asked for photos, clothed and nude. And at least one request for cybersex. So thank you all, for being good people, and for coming to the mod team when issues came up.

This isn’t the first time something like this happened. If you ever get a PM, or just creepy vibes from somebody, tell a trusted adult. I am not sure how adult the mod team is (legally sure, mentally? ehhhhh…….), but I hope we are all trusted.


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