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Possible But Very Unlikely Ancestry

Curious watcher here.

So, there’s this family story from my mother’s side of the family (I am Brazilian, so it’s a very large family, almost clan, there are like four different surnames of different nationalaties) that the possible reason why my grandmother and her family surname is peas translated from the Spanish could be because this side of the family were Sephardim who converted to Catholicism insteam of leaving Spain. Her family origins are from Galicia (the one in Spain not in Poland) but could be also from Andalusia. AFAIK, none of these part of the family claim to be descendent of Sephardim. But I would be extremely curious to know to know if I can prove or disprove it. Thing

There’s also another thing that is curious, but about my father side of the family . My paternal grandfather name was Efrem (a shortened version and to add more mystery, allegedly, he left Ethiopia (Benito Mussolini, like the massive imbecile he was, forced a few businessmen into investing there after the Abyssinian War, so that’s why he was there) in the end of 1938, the same year the racial laws in Italy were approaved. I asked out of curiousity to common Jewish Israelis and to three rabbis, they all said that it was very strange case mine, one fellow told me that there was no chance that he was not Jewish, although the few things that correspond to it are most stereotypical ones : big nose, bald head and (allegedly) good in business. I can’t ask my father any questions regarding it for the simple reason we haven’t talked in 1 year now and I rather not resort to my Italian aunts, they are like a nest of snakes.

So what did you guys thing? Could you help me out ?

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