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Politics and the vision of Ezikiel:

We see that people get as worked up over politics as religion and to many jews they see their ‘politics’ as an essential component of their jewish observance- this will usually be a more leftest disposition with focus on aspects of social justice.

So I was thinking,

In Daniel’s vision the 4 beasts are commonly described as the 4 kingdoms which will rule israel in exile (babylon, persia, greece, and rome) a direct political interpretation.

In Ezikiel’s vision, which is well known for being a primary source for mystical interpretation and metaphysics, 4 beasts are also seen (the animals are not all the same though) but both prophecies do concern the impending exile.

To me to interpret the vision of ezikiel in this fashion makes sense, that in the exile jews will no longer have a temple and direct connection to god, rather god will convene with israel via the politics of other nations. That is why the chariot is being driven by these beasts. And this can also apply to metaphysics as metaphysics is concerned with god’s manifistation in the world and in this vision it’s implied that it is through these nations that god will implement his will.

I have never heard of an interpretation of Ezikel’s vision and the beasts seen relating to the kingdoms of the exile, has anyone else, does this make sense?

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