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Please pray Mi Shebeirach for my father.

I’m in a poor mental space right now and am just back from the hospital. My father is in the ICU and he is in “stable” shape but looks horrible. My father had a kidney stone and infection of the bladder but his blood pressure kept dropping during surgery possibly due to medication he didn’t disclose (my father won’t talk to anyone about his medical problems). He also may or may not have been in a car accident (ems took him in but not much info was disclosed), but he wasn’t fully lucid when I got to the hospital (right before surgery). Possible dementia and other health issues on top of his current reason for being in the ICU. We are going to get the ball rolling for power of attorney and other stuff tomorrow, but I just need people to pray for my dad. I’m emotionally defeated right now.

My father’s Hebrew name is Mikha’el ben Haya Gisha. I appreciate all of you. ❤️

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