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Pesach Thoughts

For years, I had been an agnostic who only associated with the secular aspects of Jewish culture. However, I have recently reconnected with my faith, albeit I practice a non-denominational, liberal form of Judaism. As such, I see certain traditions and customs to be open to reform and revision. Therefore, I pose this question to the server:

I have never kept to the tradition of eating matzah on Passover. My parents hated the taste of it and I did not want to miss out on eating bread, so we eschewed it totally. I do believe that a justification for eating bread can be made during the week however. Since the story of the Exodus involves the Jewish people rising above oppression and ultimately defeating the Egyptian tyrants to forge their own path, wouldn’t it be fitting to eat leavened products, as yeast rises and us Jews rose above the oppression? I understand that the later events of the Old Testament were not mirthful, but since this specific story ended on a triumphant note, wouldn’t it be appropriate to celebrate the week joyously in commemoration of our ancestors who overcame challenges?

I legitimately want to know the perspectives of others here. While I once eschewed the Passover traditions almost completely outside of the first seder, I now see value in the holiday as a celebration of determination, perseverance and standing up to oppression, and one that should be joyous and celebrated with leavened products as such.

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