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(Orthodox) Shidduch dating: So. Many. Options. And all so similar.

I know, I know, living in the era of the shidduch crisis. As a 21 year old guy, I’m a commodity in the frum dating world.

Most of my friends love that people suggest this girl and that girl, but I really don’t like it. I wish I only had one person suggested to me at a time. I just feel so awful comparing all the girls people suggest to me. It feels like I’m objectifying them by this school or that sem or this life plan, etc.

Anyways, at the moment a few friends have suggested girls they know to me. And two of them that I’m considering going out with just sound so similar. So people of reddit with experience in this situation, any advice for choosing who to go out with? I don’t like making choices and I feel like a horrendous person when I think of pros vs cons of each girl. They’re people! Help?

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