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Not Sure Where To Go Now?

I like the people at my Reform shul and the Rabbi is a great person but it’s just not what I really want out of a synagogue these days. The last service I attended was just weird. It was almost unrecognizable as a Jewish service. Our congregation is heavily invested in social justice work. The Rabbi co-leads several organizations and attends national protests. And sure, I see where that’s important but honestly, like, I need my Rabbi to be around and focusing on Jewish community. I have never really been drawn to the Reform movement and my Rabbi knows it. This is just where I landed because the people are so friendly. But I don’t feel they truly take Judaism seriously. And now I am probably going to get downvoted for complaining.

Anyway, I live in the Midwest where options are limited. I previously attended a Conservative congregation but it’s large and I was never able to make friends. I am not a particularly outgoing person and I am low on energy to devote to friend making. I was paying reduced dues at both places and started to feel weird about it, so I eventually left the conservative shul.

Within 15 miles we have three other Reform congregations and several Orthodox. The only other Conservative shuls are over 20 and 30 miles from my house. Added to the mix is that I am a non-Orthdox convert.

Should I just get over it and stay where I am, try the nearest conservative shul again, or contact the MO Rabbi and ask if he cares if I attend? What would you do?

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