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Need help with antisemitism … resources I can share?

Crosspost from r/Jewish

A student in one of my classes shared an antisemitic trope about Jews and money during a group presentation. The presentation was in front of about 60 students. I interjected immediately telling her that what she said was offensive. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds, and then she continued on. The Professor never said a word. At end of the day, the student came up to me to apologize and told me she didn’t know.

I haven’t talked to the Professor yet. I plan to e-mail him today. I’d like to give him a link to a website or a document that explains antisemitism to a non-Jewish audience. My plan is to ask the Professor to share it with the entire class.

Does anyone know of any good resources I could use? I spent some time on the ADL’s website this morning but didn’t find anything too useful.

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