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Naming a sailboat

Do we people have any traditions regarding this? In secular culture, a vessel is christened by breaking a champagne bottle across the bow. Vessels are also considered female so I don’t need to take a hacksaw to the mainmast SO STOP RIGHT THERE 🤣. Are there any blessings or rituals I should perform? Pour a few drops of wine into the mast step? Recite part of Psalms 107? “Others go down to the sea in ships, ply their trade in the mighty waters; they have seen the works of the LORD and His wonders in the deep.” Say a Shehecheyanu?

The vessel is to be called “Shark Bait” since my friends keep saying I need a bigger boat so I just decided to go all in. Should I do a translation for the Hebrew name, or call it “Yonah?”

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