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Names that work with Avraham

Finishing conversion is a fair few months left, but I could do with a bit of advice on the name front.

Avraham is going to be my Hebrew name. I know it might be boring – Avraham ben Avraham Avinu but for a few personal reasons it really speaks to me, so I’m locking it in. It *feels* like my name in a way my English name doesn’t, which is funny.

I have a shortlist of middle names, but if anyone has any commentary on any of my options I’d really appreciate it; if they flow terribly or just sound weird.

Menachem (I feel like the ‘m’ at the end of both might not sound great)




Bentzion (two ‘ben’s’ in one name?)

I was also considering Efraim or Naftali at one point, but don’t think they sound great unfortunately.

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