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My thoughts today, on Yom Hashoah

As I sit online today, Yom Hashoah, there is something that’s been on my mind for a few months, and it started with all the mishegas with Rep. Ohmar, and even earlier with all the problems of the Women’s March.

With the women’s march I kept to my lane, I am a cis, straight, white, male, that movement is not for my voice, I could support its statement of believing women, respecting women, and encouraging women to be leaders in our community. However there were memes posted around that time which had lists of women to believe/love/etc. and I couldn’t help but notice how Muslim women were on the list but Jewish Women were being shut out, and removed from conversation. But I held my tongue.

When Rep. Ohmar promoted borderline anti Semitic rhetoric, and was called out, I noticed how the left all of a sudden didn’t have to believe the people the who were calling out attacks on their person. While they promote believing women when they come forward (which you absolutely should), believing black people when they say that actions are racist or come from a place of privilege (which, again, we should), be there for gay and trans people when they are attacked (again, support minorities), BUT when Jews came forward and said, hey while not 100% a problem, this language the Representative uses is dog whistle antisemitism at best, actual antisemitism at worst….all of a sudden…the left didn’t have to believe the minority speaking out for themselves.

Jews are under attack in this country, people want me dead, just like they wanted my grandmother, and grandfather dead only 80 years ago. People come into our safe spaces, our places of worship, and gun us down, like our nazi oppressors and Pharaohs of old. The world is covered in Jewish blood, for thousands of years we have been a scapegoat, and less than, today is no different. When we cry out, it feels like only we listen, it feels like we have no defenders, and I don’t know who to turn to.

If your movement doesn’t include Jews, it’s not inclusive, it’s not forward thinking, and it it’s not a movement that is worthy of involvement and care. Jewish voices are valid, and deserve to be listened to. If you don’t…how are you better than those that silence us with guns?

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