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My coworker told me “he couldn’t wait to see my ashes”

Context: he was in the elevator with my manager and I was carrying my motorcycle gear. He said this as the elevator door was closing. I was taken aback and replied “ashes?” and he said yes.

He was really nice to me during my internship (when I wasn’t wearing a kipa full time) but hadn’t spoken a word to me since I started working full time (started working full time two weeks ago)

I thought that the comment was taking a jab at how dangerous it is to be riding a motorcycle but the more I think about it the less that makes sense.

He is also gay and into a bunch of santarria voodo stuff which may suggest that he hasn’t had the best experiences with religious people.

Is there something that I am not seeing here? Why would he say that while standing in front of my manager? What do you think I should I do?

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