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More questions…again.

Hello again. I seem to have gathered more questions that I should get out of the way while I still have a connection. (Long story short, my pc has been having internet issues and I don’t know why. Phone is fine.) Let’s run through them quickly.

1.) Is it a taboo to make your own covering for a Tanakh? (Or any Jewish literature really.) I got one a while back. Haven’t had it for half a year and the lettering on the cover and spine is beginning to fade. Inside text is still good, though.

2.) I probably should have asked this when I asked about the Noahide laws, but would having premarital relations be breaking the commandment against illicit sex or not? (Assuming that is even legal to begin with.) I am just curious is all.

(Yes. I tried this one a little more pg. Sorry if sounded a bit vague.)

3.) Just so I can check them for myself, where exactly are the Noahide laws in the Talmud?

4.) What exactly would count as blasphemy in the Tanakh? Could I get some examples of that please?

5.) Come to think of it, why don’t we have a question(s) flair for this subreddit?

Okay. That should be all the questions I have to ask for now. Thank you. And have a good day.

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