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Mezuzah advice needed

For some clarification, I’m not Jewish, I’m a university student living with some friends (none of them are Jewish either) and everyone is out of town except for me. I was also out of town for two weeks visiting family in my hometown and when I came back earlier today, I found a mezuzah on my door frame. I was hanging out with some other friends who live in the area when we noticed it. We had no idea what it was at the time but we noticed that there was some kind of writing on it. We went ahead and pried it off my door frame and opened it up to see what it said in the hope that it would lead us on some real life quest for untold treasures or something along those lines. One of those friends that was with me recognized that the text was Hebrew so he hit up a friend of his who could translate the text and long story short, we found out that we kind of desecrated something that seems to be sacred in to Judaism. All that being said, what should we do to respectfully take care of the Mezuzah? Should we consult a Rabbi or put it back up despite nobody I live with being Jewish and nobody else on my apartment floor having one on their door frame?

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