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Looking for Yeshiva(M”H) and just venting

Hey guys, I sort of write this with a heavy heart because of a lot of stuff I’ve been through. After a long time living away from home(I’m 28) and after getting out of a business I started I decided to come home to get myself ready for my next step in life, to become healthy physically and mentally as i had just gone through a very stressful time because of work. Unfortunately even though my parents told me to come home and everything will be fine it was an awful mistake. My parents treated me like a kid again even though I had “grown up” while I was away from home and this led to many conflicts. My father has a history of verbal abuse and bullying towards people in the family and I was put in a position where I had to fight for myself and my family. It was all for nothing as my father did not change his ways and I just became depressed and anxious as a result of it.

I was about to start finishing my degree and getting ready for law school(I want to apply this year so it is very time sensitive) but the situation here is forcing me out, which means I will also need to financially support myself and that probably means I will not be able to apply to law school this year.

So I thought maybe there is a yeshiva that will take me, all my studies for my degree will be limudei Kodesh(testing out of credits through Torah subjects) and I would probably be able to pay them something through fafsa and other means(definitely not full tuition)

Do any of you guys have any recommendations for me, a 28 year old who can’t pay full tuition? I am also not exactly a Ba’al Tshuva and have been through the ringer so to speak with yeshivas(been to quite a few)

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