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Looking for seder melodies? Here!

In past years I’ve made transliterated songsheets for the seder, which I usually finish the night before and have to hurry off to print. I’m not making one this year due to having, like, a job and a toddler, so I’ve somehow managed to have the foresight to post about this before chag, when it might actually be useful to people. Here are my past songsheets, which you’re free to look at, print, distribute, use at your seder, etc., as well as the recordings I made for my then-girlfriend (now-wife) in 2011:

I’ve also transcribed a whole bunch of melodies that didn’t make it into the songsheet but might someday:

Finally, if anyone in the Boston area is looking for a first night seder with a fairly minimal and toddler-inspired (and not particularly kosher but chametz-free) menu but full Hebrew everything, PM me and I may be able to host (I haven’t actually asked my wife yet if this is OK, so… surprise!).

Enjoy, and chag sameach!

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