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Looking for information on arch angel rageul

Hello all. I want to know as much information as possible on the arch angel – Raguel.

I want to know what he stands for, his meaning, books/ scriptures he’s been in, as well as any prophecies and information about how he effects earth and any judism legends for the future about him.

I am Catholic but I have certain reasons to be interested in Raguel the arch angel of Justice and friend of God.

I need to know as much information about him as I can.

I know Catholics and Christian’s only believe in 5 arch angels but I believe there is 7 arch angels + Jesus will be an arch angel making 8.

I will take any links books information sources ideas opinions legends myth stories you can toss.

I am very curious about this arch angel. I cannot tell you my reasons but I do need to reconstruct his life and information for a reason.

Thanks all.

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