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Looking for advice for raising future children Jewish even if the mother is not

I’m (21F) a Hindu and my partner (21M) is Jewish. We’ve been together for nearly two years now and it’s been fantastic. Of course, the topic of children always come up every now and then.

I have no interest in converting. I found a religion that speaks to me and gives me spiritual happiness and I don’t want to give that up. My boyfriend is Orthodox but he understands and respects my decisions.

However I’ve discussed it with my own family and we all decided that it’d be best for the children to follow their father’s culture (it’s a cultural thing for Hindus that the woman adopts her husband’s way of life when they marry). I would love to raise my children Jewish and have no problem doing so. I’ve been researching constantly on customs and practices (he’s Mizrahi).

I’ve spoken about it to some of my friends but they said that it’s wrong for me not to convert and I had a Jewish friend tell me my partner is committing a sin by being with me. He says he doesn’t care how they’re bought up but I want them to be accepted by his family and I feel like to do so, I should raise them Jewish.

Has anyone had experience with being raised as a patrilineal Jew? I would love some insight on how to approach it.

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