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Living with a non-kosher kitchen?

Hello all,

Through some somewhat unfortunate circumstances I will be living with non-jewish roommates and a non-kosher kitchen for the next several months. Has anyone else been in this situation? Can someone provide me with some resources about how to do this properly?

There is a gas fired stove so as long as I keep my keilim and utensils/other implements kosher there should be no issue there.

Specific questions I have:

  • What about using the oven?
  • Leaving kashered keilim & utensils in a non-kosher kitchen, like in a cabinet? Leaving kosher food in the fridge? Halachic issues regarding trusting non-jews and what I’m allowed to assume regarding those who share the kitchen
  • Placing things on non-kashered countertop

Thanks so much all. Tzum kal tomorrow

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