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Liberal Jews of /r/judaism, do you observe the minor fasts? Why or why not?

Growing up, my family never observed them, and until recently I’d forgotten completely about at least two of them. (Likely, I was told about them at some point in Hebrew school, but forgot about it because we didn’t do them.)

I know many people who are from a more liberal stream and do fast, and probably just as many who don’t. What do you all do?

(I am not encouraging anyone to fast or not fast. I’m asking specifically about liberal streams because that’s where I am, and because I’d imagine the number of people who a) know about and b) observe these days in Orthodoxy is much, much higher.)

Edit: Just wanna say thanks for all the answers. Personally, I am not fasting for Seventeenth of Tammuz this year. But I’m still undecided on whether I will in the future.

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