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Learning to ignore negative comments about being an "older single" in the Orthodox community

My dad was recently telling me about how I have pretty much reached my expiration date (turned 24 recently) and that soon there will be no more “normal guys” out there left for me. He gave me a whole speech about how I’ll be sad and miserable my whole life if I don’t start shidduch dating again soon, but the thing is that I am really upset from my whole shidduch dating experience (which was three years ago) and do not plan on doing that ever again. He told me that if I start dating again when I’m 27, none of the guys who are 27 would want to date me because they will be after 18 y/os.

Either way, I’m just going to brush his comments aside. I’m going to focus on my future and loving myself. I don’t need a man to be worthy. They keep telling me that I’ll “be miserable” if I’m single, but studies show that single women are happier anyway. I do plan on finding someone someday, but only once I’m ready and have learned to accept myself. Self acceptance is difficult considering I have been told that my life’s purpose is to get married and have children since I was really young, but I think I could endure this.

I will try to remember that they want me to feel insecure, for that would make it easier for them to manipulate me. I think that self acceptance in the Orthodox community is difficult being that you feel like you’re in a fish bowl at all times, but I think that that’s what will make my journey to self acceptance so much more rewarding.

Just thought I’d post this in case there are any other “older singles” who need to hear this.

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