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Laws about Sukkot?

I copied someone’s design for a sukkah. I was thinking of modifying it for better storage. In case I misunderstood the specific terms (what actually constitutes schach) I’ll just explain in plain English, and I ask that you please respond like someone has never seen a sukkah before.

So, I want to replace the wood that goes on top of my sukkah that supports the plant matter above it. Right now I have really long, heavy 2″x2″ beams that stretch across the width of it. I want to replace these with smaller slats about 4′ in length with two holes drilled on either end to allow metal hardware to go through so that they can function in the same manner as the beams I currently have. Also the end hanging over the sukkah will have two holes that won’t need hardware to connect to another piece, so I can run a plastic zip-tie around it to secure it to the sukkah. Is this permissible according to the laws of Sukkot? If not, can I use a rope of natural fibers to serve the same purposes of the hardware and zip-ties?

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