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Ladino "equivalent" of Yinglish?

I went to a talk yesterday about the current and historical use of Yinglish and Cockney Yiddish in London. I’ve been thinking about it and it got me wondering about whether similar things occured amongst, for example, Ladino-speaking Sephardim who maybe wouldn’t necessarily have understood Yiddish? Y’know, like Ladino neologisms to describe things that wouldn’t have been familiar to new immigrants to London/the UK/other Anglophone countries, or Ladino words/phrases adopted into largely English dialects? Or for that matter, examples of a similar thing happening with other Jewish languages other than Yiddish and Ladino?

If so, does anyone know of any lists of words or phrases? Or the name given to any of these dialects?

If this wasn’t a phenomenon that really occured, are there any specific reasons? I don’t know much about this sort of thing so please excuse me if there’s a really obvious answer to these questions that I’ve completely missed 😅

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