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Kosher date night ideas?

Hello r/judaism! I have recently started seeing someone who grew up in a Jewish home. He is not religious but he does continue to keep kosher. I am not Jewish and this is my first exposure to kosher, but I would love to cook for him, pack picnic lunches, etc., and I think I would like to eat kosher food while I am with him.

We don’t live in a particularly Jewish area and I’m having a hard time finding grocery stores that specifically carry kosher food. Where should I start? What should I look for when shopping or meal planning? What’s a good beginners guide to kosher? How should we keep kosher while eating out?

Thank you so much!

Edit: thank you for all your responses! Lots of great pointers but I’m gathering the most important one is there really is no one-size-fits-all answer. I’ll talk with him 🙂

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