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ki*e jewelry? is that a thing or did we totally mishear?

A woman, who is Jewish, was in our local women’s clothing boutique. We carry some jewelry.

She said she was looking for ki*e jewelry. What?! We asked 3 times, as thought must have misheard.

And if not have any, could I research it, as wanted to get as gift for friend.

I have never heard of this. But perhaps people are taking back the offensive slur K word. Or maybe did mishear?

Much searching got me nothing. Other than one small brand that seemed African origin products.

And no, she is not young person with latest ironic language. Is conservative, in her 50s?

Any thoughts on this?


maybe said: “ do you have any Jewish type jewelry? “

“type” instead of K word?

anyway, next time in the store, perhaps we will get very specific in asking … or maybe not and just drop the subject, so that we don’t become offensive


weirdly possible, perhaps word is “chai”

yeah, I know, not sound that similar, however add thick Southern USA accent, and possible … ?

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