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Keeping Shabbat/kosher in 3 weeks, need advice!

I (early 20s) am Jewish by all metrics but was not raised that way. I started learning about Judaism when I became an adult, joined a shul, and started trying to do mitzvot. However, I am a student and money is tight. Currently, I have non-Jewish roommates so I keep “kosher-style.” No separate dishes, appliances, etc. Nor am I shomer Shabbat. I don’t work at my job on Saturdays but I struggle too much with being alone all day.

While my city (US) could never be considered a major hub of Jewish life, it has a community and an eruv in the neighborhood where the synagogues are located. I live in a different neighborhood, but I have unexpectedly found myself in the position of having to move apartments at the end of this month. This gives me the opportunity to live alone for the first time. I can’t afford to live inside the eruv, but I found an apartment I can kind of afford, only a few blocks outside it, from which I could walk to shul.

I know that I want to fully commit to Judaism once I move, and I would really appreciate some perspective and advice. Thanks!

  • I think I understand most or all of the “rules” about how to keep Shabbat and kashrut. So is it okay for me to try to make the leap all at once? Chas v’shalom, but I’ll probably end up messing up at some point.
  • My new apartment’s kitchen won’t have room for separate meat and dairy ovens/sinks/etc. If I could have, say, a meat toaster oven and keep the rest of my kitchen dairy, how do I wash the dishes?
  • If I have to choose between cooking meat and dairy for the foreseeable future, what are the considerations that should go into making that choice? There is no kosher grocery store where I live, but we do have some kosher meat in “regular” grocery stores.
  • Any tips for living outside the eruv on Shabbat? I’ve heard key belts are permitted but what about umbrella hats??

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