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Keeping Shabbat / chagim and having a high pressure career

I do not currently keep Shabbat but I want to start and I’m wondering how it works when I work your typical long, late corporate hours, especially in the winter when Shabbat can start in the early afternoon. So I have questions for observant people in corporate/high pressure/long hour jobs:

  • Did you negotiate when you first accepted a job to leave early on Fridays? When did you bring it up in the process, and were you worried you’d be discriminated against? Do you always leave early on Fridays or only in winter?

  • Did you negotiate extra vacation days to accommodate all the holidays?

  • Do you have time to take actual vacation after taking all the holidays?

  • Did you choose your career path because it was easier to do and be observant?

  • Do you feel your career has suffered because of this need for flexibility?

  • Does anyone have the experience of being the only Jew in the office and how you explained all this?

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