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Just a thought I had

I saw a post recently discussing the “new” and “old” testament. I understand that for the sake of clarification when speaking with non-Jews, we use words like “old testament,” however I find that as a Jew, referring to our Torah as the “Old Testament” is almost disrespectful in a sort of way.

To us, the Torah is not version 1.0 (AKA the old one), with the Christian bible being version 2.0 (the new one). The Torah is the testament.

As a Jewish person, I will never ever try to convince a non Jew of our beliefs, especially because it goes against our beliefs to do so. But I refuse to refer to the precious Torah as anything that is in any way “old” or something that needed an update.

Maybe I’m just overthinking this, but either way from now on I’m referring to the Torah as the Torah in all contexts, whomever I speak with. The Muslims do it with the Quran, and I will be doing so with the Torah.

I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts though!

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