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Just a few nice observations I had about Jewish Communities.

So this summer me and a friend had a couple of experiences that brought a new appreciation for the community we have, and I figured I’d share.

  1. During my internship in NYC, there was a panel where recent grads talked about how they adjusted to moving to the city and working. It was actually a bit depressing. They spoke about how it was very hard to make friends as they didn’t know anybody, and you would definitely need to be used to being alone a bit. The whole presentation I was just thinking “If I moved to a new place, I’d just go to Shul/Jewish events and immediately have a bunch of people to meet, and hopefully befriend. Not to mentioned I’d see them all at least weekly.” It never occurred to me that it may be harder to move to a new place without something like that.

  2. My friend is interning in the bay area in CA. Every shabbos she goes to a different Jewish community in the area. She reaches out to the local Synagogue, and every time they’ve set her up with a family that is happy to give her meals and have her stay with them. When she tells her coworkers her plans for the weekend, they’re baffled that she is just going to a strangers house in a town where she knows nobody. But to her, it wasn’t strange at all.

Obviously Jewish communities aren’t perfect, and I’m not saying that this is everyones experience. However, I thought these showed how special it can be to be part of this people, and it definitely gave me a new appreciation for it. 🙂

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