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Judaism within science fiction: a few questions

At some point in the future I would very much like to write a book. Now while I can’t promise anything yet I’d very much like to involve a large number of Jewish characters, as with some notable exceptions (Michael Chabon comes to mind) I haven’t encountered many books that do this. Be the change you want to see and all that. I’ve got a few questions regarding standard features of the genre with Jewish beliefs and culture.

Would (sentient) Artificial Intelligence be required/allowed to follow the Noahide laws?

When Rabbis and (possibly revived) Sanhedrin are separated for large periods of time, what would be their actions upon meeting up if divergences had been made regarding Jewish law?

How would it be decided if alien species were kosher if they had no recognisable earth features such as hooves?

How would one pray or orient synagogues towards Jerusalem on planets that are not earth?

Would the law to help improve society (I can’t remember the Hebrew name right now) extend to alien societies?

I apologise if these questions could be considered offensive or belittling of your religion. I myself am not Jewish, but have a high interest in Jewish culture and religion. Thank you for reading this long rant.

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