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"Judaism today compared with the Ancient Hebrew Cult of the Old Testament"

Yes hello! I am wanting to learn more about Judaism. Only my father is Jewish, and because my mother is not I never had a bat mitzvah or went to Hebrew school or anything. What knowledge I have is from my father’s side of the family, attending seders and what not. Needless to say, now that I’m older I felt like I wanted to learn more about Judaism in a more formal context as well. So I enrolled in a course “Intro into the Old Testament” and for my term paper, I chose the topic of “Judaism today compared with the Ancient Hebrew Cult of the Old Testament.”

As I form my thesis, I thought I might get some good feedback on this sub on what direction to go into. Does anyone have any opinions, or literature or articles that are relevant to my topic? I’m starting to think that maybe a different topic would be easier (it’s a 6-8 page paper) but I really feel like this topic best suits my goals of learning about Judaism.

TLDR; Researching Old Testament Judaism vs. modern Judaism and looking for thoughts/suggestions on the topic

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