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Jewish farmers/homesteaders/food-gardeners?

In the first Covid year I went from a bit of gardening here & there to making a concerted effort to grow a lot of my own produce, and it’s been pretty great ever since. I’m now at the point where, when people come over, they tend to ask if I also sell it. I love a good organic-farming/homesteading/gardening podcast, but holy cow, are these things Christian. Like that’s just the culture.

I’m not expecting a roaring response, here, but — anybody?

What I grow:

Fruit: Mostly apples (a standard and a semi-dwarf, it’s a lot of apples) and raspberries, have the strawberries runnering nicely, melons, rhubarb, and a small sour-cherry tree that should start producing in a year or two. Also forage juneberries, mulberries, wild grapes, and wild plums, and I get about 15 lbs of cherries/yr from a local sidewalk tree that the owner lets me raid. Grew and enjoyed ground cherries last year (a form of sweet tomato, really) but they look a bit invasive and I didn’t give them room this year.

Veg: Many tomato varieties (around 50 plants), peas, beans (for drying/soup), green beans, collards, kale, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, beets, onions, leeks, zucchini, yellow zucchini. No eggplant this year, had too much last year. Cabbage sometimes. Most are grown from seed, and last year I started saving seed with the easy plants.

Herbs: thyme, dill, basil, oregano, marjoram, mint, summer savory. Forgot to plant fennel this year, too bad

Other: got a small hazelbert clump going, hopeful that it’ll start bearing nuts next year.

Not a giant plot, a small inner-suburb sort of yard plus a community allotment, 10’x20′.

The tide of veg starts rolling in in late May, around here, and it reaches tsunami stage by mid-July, keeps up pretty steadily till mid-late October.

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