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Jewish apologetics and the existence of G-d.

I’ve been reading up on the various defenses for the existence of God as presented in Scholasticism, Thomism, Avicennism, Kantianism, Analytical philosophy, Nyāya-darśana, Vedānta-darśana etc. and am curious about Hindu arguments for the existence of G-d.

Within the Jewish sphere I’ve found Yehuda haLevi’s Kuzari Argument [which reminds me of one of Dr. Craig’s arguments], but no other interesting names have popped up thus far. Does anyone have any other philosophers and arguments to add to this?

I’m sure there are some other rabbis and philosophers to discover, given the Tanakh (תנ״ך) commands us to make God’s name and deeds known among all nations (Ps 105:1, Isa 12:4) through the means of reason (Isa 1:18).

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